Longboarding 3000 Miles From LA To NY

Longboarding LA To NY

19 year old filmmaker Rupert Rixon is planning on long boarding all the way across America during the summer and is filming the whole experience.

19 year old filmmaker Rupert Rixon hit us up last week about a project he’s currently working on in which he and a couple of friends aim to longboard all the way across the United States this summer and film the whole thing to be made into a feature length documentary.

Rupert recently won the ‘Outstanding Young Filmmaker’ award at the Screentest Student Fesival on Southbank and wanted to follow this up by making a movie encouraging young people to go out and seize opportunities themselves, rather than following the all too familiar path of heading to university and then getting a job that has nothing to do with whatever they studied. Instead Rupert wants to inspire people to follow in his footsteps and do exactly what they want to do. As he says – ‘If you want to be a filmmaker why not go out and make a film?’

After talking to Rupert we really backed his vision and ideas and were keen to get involved with the project, and so are now pleased to announce that Sick Chirpse will be the official sponsor of Rupert’s movie. You’ll be able to catch live weekly updates from his trip through the summer on the site, and we’ll eventually be premiering the movie as a web series when it’s finished.

We’re really excited about this and it aims to be the first of many new exciting projects coming to you under the Sick Chirpse banner. As with most projects like this these days, Rupert has set up a KickStarter to help him attempt to finance the project. If you want to help him (and us) out then please head over here and pledge some money to help him get on his way. Also, make sure to check out his Facebook page. Thanks.

You can watch Rupert’s showreel below which really highlights just how good a director he is and why you should be paying attention and getting involved with this project:

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