AWESOME: Meet Tommy Carroll – The Blind Skateboarder

Tommy Carroll’s been completely blind since he was 2 but can still probably session a skate park better than you. Take a leaf out of this inspirational dude’s book right now.

Man, today must be feel good day or something because after we posted the brand new 2013 edition of ‘People Are Awesome‘ video this morning, I didn’t think it would be humanly possible to feel any more pumped and ready to take on whatever the day throws our way. But hey, it turns out that feeling even more pumped is totally possible, and this video will help get you there.

Frustrated because you suck at skating a skate park? Try harder buddy. If this dude can you do it, you can most definitely do it too.

Meet Tommy Carroll. Tommy had cancer in his eyes when he was really young, and because of this, he lost his vision at the age of two. Tommy’s been blind pretty much all of his life, which obviously completely sucks. Being blind would be complete mental torture each and every day. Living in complete darkness and not being able to experience sight (which I’m sure we all take for granted) would completely suck, obviously. Never being able to see what your family, friends or even your own face looks like is unimaginable. Well Tommy’s found his outlet, and his outlet is sessioning a quiet, early morning deserted skate park in his home town.

Tommy Carroll

Tommy hits the skate park in the early AM so he doesn’t get in the way of other skaters. This dude’s completely blind remember, he’d probably be bumping into people all over the shop if the skate park was busy. Instead, Tommy heads down at the crack of dawn and sessions the park like any able sighted person trying to pick up some new skills would do. He’s pretty good too, better than me anyways. And yeah, sure, he’s not tearing it up like some of the other guys we’ve posted about on Sick Chirpse, but all those dudes had eyes that worked.

Tommy says that his safety equipment has enabled him to carry on skating, because as you can imagine, if you’re constantly bashing up your knees and elbows you’re going to start dis-liking whatever you’re doing pretty damn fast. Tommy also says that he uses sound as his main sense while skateboarding, listening out to what’s around him and gaining a sense of his surroundings through his ears.

So if you’re sitting on your fat ass waiting for lunch time to roll around so you can go chow down on that dirty foot long Subway before skipping the gym because you haven’t got the energy due to your mid-week slump, take a leaf out of this guy’s book, anything is possible (wow that sounded really cheesy – sorry).

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