These Guys Thought They Could Longboard Across Wales In 5 Days, But Ended Up Completely Annihilating Themselves

Longboarding Rupert Rixon

Who would think it was a good idea to longboard 250 miles in 5 days?

Way back in April, we did a feature on some guys – led by maverick filmmaker Rupert Rixon – that had hit us up with a plan to Longboard 3000 miles all the way across America from Los Angeles to New York, making a documentary and raising money for the Teenage Cancer Trust in the process.

We thought it was a ridiculous idea – but one that would be pretty entertaining to watch – so fully supported their KickStarter campaign to raise the money to get over there and do it. Unfortunately, the campaign fell just short of the intended target and so they weren’t able to go to America; instead however they decided to reschedule that until next year and do a practice run in Wales this year.

5 days, 250 miles and 3 kids on longboards – what’s the worst that could happen? If you check out the documentary about it below that they’ve made then you’ll realise that it’s quite a lot, mainly involving regular crashes (although nowhere near as bad as the worst longboard crashes ever), unheard of fatigue and highly dangerous roads. To be honest I think it’s a good idea they did this trial run because if they had gone straight into a 3000 mile trip then they would have been even more annihilated than they are in this video, which is about 1/8th of the distance.

Impressively though they did somehow manage to finish the trip, no matter how much it punished them. They’re also still planning on heading out to the States next year, and we’ll be sure to bring you news of that trip too if it’s anything as painful as this one looks.


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