London Pub Defends Decision To Charge £13.40 For A Pint For Beer

London prices, the joke that keeps getting unfunnier.

London drink prices are well known for being extortionate, but even by their standards this is an actual joke.

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The Rake in Borough Market has come under fire after it emerged that the central London pub is charging £13.40 for a pint of its Cloudwater DIPA, Citra & Amarillo. A round of those and you’ll be breaking into the overdraft.

Yes, the pint may be strong – 8.2% to be exact – but that’s still far too much to be paying for one drink. Here are just some of the comments regarding this overpriced tipple:

Despite the negative backlash, Richard Din­­woodie, co-own­­er of The Rake has defended the hefty price and said the spe­­c­­­iality beer was like “a fine wine”:

We’re not making a vast profit. We pay £130 for a 20 litre keg before VAT.

You can also try before you buy. Craft beer is an affordable luxury like quality wine or liquid lipstick.

We’re quite up front with our prices and they’re displayed on a giant TV screen.

We have other beers for less than £5.

Well, when you put it like that, it does seem like they’re not hiking up the price purely because they’re situated in central London.

Having said that, this doesn’t take away from the fact that the cost of living in London is ridiculous. With rent prices at an all time high, it’s depressing enough not being able to go out without smuggling a hip flask and having to live off of porridge and Super Noodles during the week leading up to payday. The last thing Londonders need is to start seeing drinks that cost the same amount as a decent round in most other areas of the country.


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