This Rapper Just Dropped A Freestyle While Solving A Rubik’s Cube (VIDEO)

Logic Rubik's Cube

I can’t do either of these things and this guy just did them at the same time.

My multi-tasking skills extend to checking e-mails on my phone while taking a shit, so I have to say I’m super impressed with rapper Logic spitting a coherent freestyle while solving a Rubik’s cube.

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I can’t do either of those things and this guy just did them at the same time:

Incredible. Just when you thought rapping and solving Rubik’s cubes simultaneously was impossible. At one point you could tell he was paying most of his attention to the Rubik’s cube and yet he just carried on rhyming words in auto-pilot mode. Amazing. This guy’s a certified genius now, right? How many other people in the world are there who can do that?

Not the 14-year-old who smashed the Rubik’s Cube world record last week, that’s for sure.


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