Logan Paul Stormed Out Of His Press Conference With KSI Because He Got Rinsed Too Hard

Logan paul KSI

Cry baby.

Logan Paul became one of the most hated people on the planet at the turn of the year where he filmed a YouTube video visiting a Japanese suicide forest and found a dead body there and filmed that, but he’s been kinda off the scene (at least my scene) since then, until he recently revealed he would be taking part in a boxing match against fellow YouTuber KSI.

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They’re actually going to fight in two boxing matches with the first coming up on August 26th at the Manchester arena and the second sometime next year in America, probably in February. Anyways, in order to publicise the first PPV fight – it’s gonna cost £6 – the pair had to up the beef and do a few press conferences and it looks like the first one has left Logan Paul in tears after KSI dissed his dad, girlfriend and the very nature of his birth. Get a load of it below, or read his comments underneath:

So you got a new girlfriend now. Chloe Bennet, what’s up babes?

Why don’t you introduce me to her? You’ve only got 85 percent of your testicle. I’ll show her a real man.

No one has your back except your ludicrous mum and your disgusting dad.

Your father said he’d beat me in a fight but he wouldn’t do shit. I’m sure he’d like a round with those little girls you like kissing. You sick, deadbeat bald-headed prick.

How could he make not one, but two dumbass children?

What the fuck is up with your sperm?

Wow. Those are some pretty killer jibes but I don’t think it’s doing Logan Paul any favours to walk off stage crying because of them? Although maybe that is a strong heel move as everyone is gonna wanna tune in to see him get battered because he’s being such a pussy before the fight – but then is it actually gonna turn out that he’s harder than KSI and beat the crap out of him?

I really got no idea and to be honest I don’t really care but I’ll admit I’ll probably watch the highlights afterwards. Fact is a lot of people showed up to York Hall for it yesterday and a lot of people are super hyped about it and it’s over a month away, so you can’t really deny that it’s not going to be a fairly big event. Whether it’s going to be worth watching is another question entirely though.

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