Logan Paul Says He Deserves A ‘Second Chance’ In First Appearance Since Suicide Forest Video (VIDEO)

This guy.

It’s been a couple weeks since Logan Paul casually used a dead body swinging in the breeze in Japan’s suicide forest as ‘content’ for his YouTube channel, and the guy has quite rightly been ripped apart by the internet since then.

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Like I said though that was a whole two weeks ago – people have forgot all about it and are instead focusing their outrage on Donald Trump calling Haiti a shithole. Is it time to give Logan Paul a second chance? He seems to think so:

To be fair I don’t know why he needs to be given a ‘second chance’ to start making dumb YouTube videos again – just do it if that’s what you wanna do. Sure a bunch of advertisers have pulled their ads from his videos but you just know his next video will probably be his most-viewed of all time. The advertisers will be lining up again before you know it.

P.S. Not saying I want him to start making videos again, just that he should if that’s what he wants to do. After all his 12 year old fans don’t give a shit about the whole dead body thing, they’re just pissed at him for not uploading videos anymore.

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