YouTube Star Logan Paul Apologises After Uploading Video Of Dead Body In Japanese Suicide Forest

Logan Paul

What an absolute asshole.

I had never heard of YouTube star Logan Paul until about a week ago, but apparently he’s a super big deal that the youth of today are completely in love with all over the world – his 15 million subscribers prove that.

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However, Logan Paul majorly screwed up his whole career in the last couple of days when he decided to visit the Aokigahara suicide forest in Japan and film his visit there, even after his gang discovered a dead body hanging from a tree. Instead of doing the normal thing you would do when you stumble across a dead body, Paul filmed it for a 15 minute video whilst he and his cronies laughed and joked about it and were generally completely disrespectful about the whole thing. I haven’t seen it but it sounds like pretty vile behaviour.

Paul has now deleted the video, but another YouTuber named Kavos has uploaded some ‘highlights’ from it as well as a scathing takedown of his actions, which is probably better than any words I could use to describe it:

I mean I totally agree with Kavos here and I don’t see how you can’t. Logan Paul just comes across as a complete asshole in the clips, laughing and joking around a dead body that he just stumbled upon and not even blurring it out, so it seems pretty clear that he was buzzing over finding it and the hits it was going to get him on his YouTube channel.

Like Kavos said, it wouldn’t have been hard to just call the police and film a blog about something inane like he usually does. Instead the way he handled it was just plain wrong.

The backlash against Paul has been huge all over the internet, so he decided to post the following ham fisted apology on his Twitter account in the early hours of the morning:

Yeah, not sure I’m really buying that he’s actually that sorry for his actions there. Everything in that apology seems to be all about him and he doesn’t even mention anything about the people he may have influenced/affected with his video or those that suffer from suicidal thoughts every day. Doesn’t even do the standard thing of dropping a number or something at the end for people who might need it.

Guy clearly only cares about himself and his views. Sadly I doubt that this scandal will do much to affect his popularity as the little kids he appeals to probably don’t even have any qualms about his actions because they’re so blinded by their love for him. Sad.

For more info on the Japanese suicide forest, click here. It’s no joke at all.

And of course, if you’ve been affected by suicidal thoughts or anything else brought up in this article, call the Samaritans for free on their anonymous 24-hour phone line on 116 132.


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