Check Out The Inside Of YouTuber Logan Paul’s $6.6 Million Mansion

Logan Paul

If you thought that messing around making videos on the internet was never going to achieve anything, then you would be completely and utterly wrong given the amount of fame and money that some of the most famous YouTubers out there seem to have accrued.

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Case in point: Logan Paul. The YouTube may have been roundly condemned for his recent visit to the Japanese suicide forest, but I doubt he cares that much when he’s 22 years old and can already afford the $6.65 million mansion that you can see all over this post.

Logan bought the property in Encino, California on the Rancho Estate – where a lot of other celebrities live too – back in October and it’s safe to say that it’s completely sick. Seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, huge swimming pool, outdoor guesthouse, outdoor kitchen, 9200 square foot kinda sick.

Take a look:

Yeah I mean, that’s kinda like a dream house for a lot of people really isn’t it? Actually I could do without all the bedrooms and bathrooms and would probably be OK with that to be honest.

Instead of us though this prick gets it. At least he won’t be making any more videos anytime soon after YouTube cut ties with him, although I doubt this is going to stop him from popping up all over the place in the coming years. Seems like he already has enough money anyway, so even if does drop out of the public eye looks like he’s set for life. Depressing.

If you didn’t see Logan Paul’s visit to the suicide forest click here. Seriously icky stuff though, you’re warned.



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