Logan Paul Will Run For United States President In 2032 And Has A Job For Jake



Whatever way you look at it, you sorta have to admire that Logan Paul has made his way into the public consciousness and managed to remain there, despite not having any real notable skills or talents whatsoever.

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Paul’s latest dumb stunt is to announce that he’s seriously planning on making a run for the Presidency in 2032. I guess that at least gives him ten years to plan his campaign, right?

Paul was speaking to The Wall Street Journal when he announced the news, saying the following:

I, Logan Paul, will be running for president in 2032.

I’ll have just turned 35 which is the youngest age you can run for President.

Jake will be the Secretary Of Defence.

I know it sounds fucking absurd but dude, I’m 26 years old, I haven’t even had the chance to mature in my adult life for a decade.

I’ve been learning and experiencing and just absorbing knowledge for the past eight years, ever since I moved to LA.

I’m 26, I’ll be eligible to be president when I’m 35. That gives me nine more years to become the best version of myself possible, to just learn as much as I can about people, culture, society, where we fall short, where we’re strong.

I just think I’d be a good leader one day. And I think the presidential spot needs a bit of a fresh take, if you will.

I think the country could use a person who’s a little bit more nuanced, a little bit more innovative and a little bit more authentic. I think a lot of politicians fall short.

Well he might be true about that, but I’m not sure if Logan Paul is the answer. Having said that though, he is immensely popular with the younger generation and Donald Trump was recently the President of the United States, so you wouldn’t actually put it past Logan Paul at this point would you?

Although it does kinda seems like he’s joking in that interview, but again you can’t really discount the guy these days – remember he tempted Floyd Mayweather into a boxing match with him and didn’t get his ass completely handed to him. Anything could happen.

For more of the same, check out when Logan Paul gave the weirdest interview of all time on Fox News. Following in Trump’s footsteps I guess.



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