Here’s A Live Video Of The Trump Family Reacting To The Assault On Capitol Hill

They’re all celebrating and partying.

The world is still in shock from the events over in America on Wednesday afternoon where a bunch of Trump supporters decided to storm the Capitol Building and stage an attempted coup and somehow the Trump family has managed to make their part in the whole incident even worse.

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It turns out that for some reason, Donald Trump Jr thought that it would be a good idea to live stream his and his family’s reaction to the protesters/rioters/terrorists breaking into the building and share it with the world. The video came to light last night and is just as bizarre and weird as you might think, as the Trump family and their allies watch what’s going down in real time on a big screen and laugh and jump around whilst listening to Gloria Estefan:

Wow. Why is Donald Trump Jr so weird and is it meow is he giving off serious Wall Street banker on cocaine vibes during this video? It’s so bizarre how he waves at Ivanka and tries to get her attention and then she just gives him a look like ‘oh yeah there’s that idiot’ before walking off somewhere else to actually do something important.

Really does seem like an episode of ‘Succession’ of wherever they were in that bunker. Very on brand that they would just be standing around watching the screens of a literal white terrorist attack in their name and just standing around laughing and joking like it isn’t a big deal at all. Not really sure we should be surprised by that.

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