Guy Livestreams Burning Down His House After Going Through A Shitty Divorce

Guy Livestreams Burning House Down

Way to make your life even worse.

There can’t be many worse experiences in your life than going through a divorce, but even so the guy in this video’s actions are pretty much off the chart.

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The video starts off fairly normal (fairly) as he’s talking about music and how he needs some producers to help him out with what he’s working on, but it takes a darker turn as he revealed he’s depressed because he’s going through a divorce with his childhood sweetheart. That’s a weird enough turn, but it becomes even darker when he shows us that he’s pouring gasoline all over his house and then actually sets it on fire:

Geez, I mean I suppose you have to feel pretty sorry for this guy because he’s clearly having a really horrible time, but on the other hand he’s doing something absolutely stupid by burning his house down. Sure, it might be cathartic (MIGHT BE), but it’s also illegal, completely stupid, and almost guaranteed to make his life about a million times worse. I doubt any of those DJs/producers are gonna hit him up and help him out either unfortunately, although I suppose there’s more chance of them seeing this because he did something completely and utterly ridiculous in it. I’m almost lost for words.

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