Japanese Live Streamer Accidentally Burns Down His House While Streaming Live Video

Japanese Live Streamer Accidentlaly Burns Down House

This guy is lucky to be alive.

A Japanese live streamer named Daasuke has accidentally burned down his house live on camera after playing with a trick lighter.

I’m not really sure what the ‘trick’ behind the lighter was but it seems like an absolutely terrible product as it spills lighter fluid all over his room when he’s messing around with it, subsequently making the whole place a death trap, and that’s pretty much what it turns into when Dassuke sparks the lighter and sets everything on fire. Dassuke pretty much then proceeds to do exactly what you shouldn’t do when anything is on fire by throwing a cardboard box and mattress on top of it to try and smother it out, which only really serves to make the fire rage even harder.

Following that, Daasuke gets the hell out of there and just lets the whole place burn. There’s also a video below of the fire taken from outside of the house by an onlooker which really serves to highlight how quickly the whole situation escalates.

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What a complete dumbasss eh? Hopefully nobody ever buys one of those stupid lighters ever again, and if anyone actually finds themselves in this situation then hopefully they will remember this guy and not act like this and end up making the situation ten times worse.

Not sure which of these two is stupider, this guy or the woman who tried to kill a snake with fire and ended up burning her house down as well. Probably the woman but only just.


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