Russian “Funeral Rave” Band Are Completely Nuts

Meet ‘Little Big’ who are Russia’s, and possibly the world’s first ‘Funeral Rave’ outfit. These guys are terrifying…

Little Big say that Russians have a tendency to be very traditional and the band feel it’s their duty to show the youth that there are other ways to live. They’re also happy to rip into the stereotypes of how other countries perceive them, hence the vodka and bear canoodling references.

Little Big - Russia - De Antwoort - braces

Similarities have been drawn between themselves and Die Antwoord which is no surprise. Little Big have performed on the same line up and know them personally. Ilya says they have a mutual respect. Imagine a party where that lot were all invited. Jeez.

When asked about what sort of music inspires them they give unsurprising answers like Cannibal Corpse, but also some more surprising ones like Vivaldi and Mozart. First and foremost they are bang into their rave music which is certainly clear from their sound. So here’s their video for the track ‘Life In Da Trash’:

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I’ll leave you with a quote from the band themselves:

“There’s so many problems in the world. We want to tell the world that they are the owner of their lives. Countries and government are not as important as people think, they have the power to do what they want”.

Hear, hear.

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