Russian “Funeral Rave” Band Are Completely Nuts

Meet ‘Little Big’ who are Russia’s, and possibly the world’s first ‘Funeral Rave’ outfit. These guys are terrifying…

If a band comes out of Russia dressed as zombies and clowns you might safely assume they’re going to be nutters. That’s a given. And if the band sums up their musical vibe as “Funeral Rave” you know you’re onto a winner. And that’s how Russian foursome Little Big summarise their sound. Do you fancy seeing dwarves, sex with bears, vodka fueled evil clowns and a whole host of other Russian wonders? Well you’re in the right place Chirpse fans.

Little Big - Russia - De Antwoort - Dwarf

Little Big are more of a collective than a band, they coordinate with makeup artists, set designers, film makers and of course programmers and musicians. They’ve designed a kind of carnival that crosses from the obscene to the terrifying and then on to hilarity in one blood curdling swoop. It’s a strange beast. Here’s one of their all time classic videos. It’s for a track called ‘Everyday I’m Drinking’:

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They were formed by Ilya Prusikin who was famous in Russia a while back for rapping dressed up as Stalin. Although they say their music now isn’t political, it certainly is pushing the boundaries a bit. But it seems that in Russia, as long as you don’t make too much of a political statement and rock the boat, you won’t get the Pussy Riot treatment.

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