This Porn Star’s Just Gone IN On Kanye West Via Twitter About His Creepy Dick Pics

Lisa Ann

R.I.P. Kanye West.

Earlier we wrote about how Amber Rose annihilated Kanye West on Twitter by telling the world she used to finger his butthole. Everyone went from backing Kanye West in his Twitter spat with Wiz Khalifa to laughing at him in a matter of seconds. It was solid proof that no one is safe from getting merked on the Internet. Anyone can get humiliated online — even Kanye West.

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Well, things just got even worse for him because porn star Lisa Ann has decided to wade in and she’s bringing the heavy artillery:

Brutal stuff. The worst thing for Kanye is that she actually has a point — you can’t really talk about strippers like they’re inferior when you’ve married and had a child with a woman who’s only famous because of a sex tape she made. To be honest I don’t know why Kanye starts Twitter beef with anyone considering how easy Kim-related disses are to come up with.

Will Kanye West fire back at Lisa Ann? I doubt it. Not if he doesn’t want his creepy dick pics plastered all over the Internet. Someone who goes around talking non-stop about how they’re the “greatest ever” definitely doesn’t want their dick pics on the Internet. And that’s why you don’t mess with porn stars you used to send them to online.


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