Kanye West Just Murdered Wiz Khalifa On Twitter

Wiz Khalifa dared to criticise Kanye West’s new album name and it all kicked off.

Earlier, Kanye West dropped a Tweet revealing he’d changed the name of his album from ‘SWISH’ to ‘WAVES’. Who cares right? No big deal. Except this is how Wiz Khalifa reacted to the news:

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Naturally, Kanye West wasn’t about to let another rapper piss on his parade:

Have to say I’m Team Kanye on this one. It doesn’t even matter that everything that’s leaked off ‘WAVES’ thus far isn’t very good. I just find the guy hilarious. He’s completely off his head. The fact that he’s now a part of the Kardashian Clan makes him even more bat shit insane and interesting. There’s really no way Wiz Khalifa can respond to that level of Twitter ruthlessness.

Not to mention he can make the Internet lose its shit by merely Tweeting out a piece of paper:

Definitely a more successful Tweet than the time he shared his new fashion designs with social media.


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