Lionel Messi Trolled Pepe During El Classico

Lionel Messi Trolls Pepe

If you watched El Classico you might have noticed Pepe and Lionel Messi having a conversation with their hands over their mouths. Here’s what they said.

If you were watching El Classico on Sunday like most people in the world, then you probably noticed a section when Pepe and Messi were talking to each other with their hands over their faces, inevitably to ensure that nobody who could read lips picked up on what they were saying.

Unfortunately for them though, Sport.Es is claiming that they’ve been able to decipher what was said between the two during the fiery encounter. It’s particularly unfortunate for Pepe too, because it makes him look like a moron because Messi well and truly schooled him with his riposte – as well as schooling him on the field by scoring a hat trick and getting an assist in the memorable game.

Here’s how it went down:

Pepe: ‘Messi, you’re always shit against me’

Messi: ‘I always score against you. It’s thanks to me you end up in pictures after the game.’


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