Lionel Messi Passes Ronaldo For The Most-Liked Instagram Post Ever From An Athlete

Ronaldo won’t be happy about this one.

Lionel Messi has just acquired another notch in his belt in the Ronaldo Vs Messi rivalry – surpassing him for the title of most-liked Instagram post by an athlete in history.

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All he had to do was win the Copa America with Argentina (finally!) and take a sweet photo of himself hugging the trophy…

That’s got to be boiling Ronaldo’s piss big time. Especially as he was the previous holder of the record, with this Instagram post:


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You could even say Ronaldo was cheating a little bit there by having Diego Maradona in the photo with him, but even still, Messi has beat him 21- 19; a whole 2 million likes!

It’s even crazier when you consider a picture of Messi with his teammates celebrating together didn’t come anywhere close to 21 million. It’s the same trophy in the same locker room! But has near 10 million less likes than a photo of just Messi on his own smiling with the trophy.


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Can you imagine if Argentina won the World Cup instead? Yeah OK that’s not gonna happen but think about the likes Messi could rack up if it did?

Thoughts & prayers with Ronaldo at this difficult time. Although neither of them have as many Instagram likes as this photo of an egg, so that’s something to put it all into perspective…


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Hey, that’s a good-looking egg.

Worth pointing out also that Ronaldo is the most-followed person on Instagram – 315m followers vs Messi’s 233m. So I guess he can feel pretty good about that, even if Messi is stealing all his likes.

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