Lily Allen Gets Axed From TV After Giving This Controversial Grenfell Tower Interview

Lily Allen

Are the two connected?

Lily Allen has confirmed that she was dropped from a planned appearance on News night in which she was supposed to discuss the Grenfell Tower fire.

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She was supposed to be interviewed for the show last night, but planners decided to cut her segment just hours after she gave a controversial interview to Jon Snow for Channel 4 News.

In their discussion, Lily accused the government of trying to “micromanage grief” by downplaying the amount of fatalities from Wednesday’s disaster. So far 17 people have been confirmed dead, whereas Lily argues that she has heard off-the-record figures of close to 150:

It’s not confirmed why Lily was cut from Newsnight, but the decision did come shortly after her bold and outspoken statement for Channel 4. Are the two linked? We can’t confirm, but it seems likely when you see the way that she even managed to make even Jon Snow squirm and the way she has been speaking about the incident since it occurred:

To watch a Grenfell Tower resident explain why he thinks the fire was a deliberate attack from the government, click HERE.


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