Lil Wayne Could Get 10 Years In Prison After Being Caught With Gold-Plated Gun

Someone get President Trump on the phone.

Lil Wayne has received a federal weapons charge for “possessing a gold-plated handgun” in his luggage while travelling on a private plane.

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Per Complex, Wayne is charged with one count of possession of a firearm and ammunition by a convicted felon in connection with a December 2019 plane search in Florida.

With the plane’s search, which occurred ahead of its final stop in California, police were acting on what the Miami Herald said was “a tip about weapons and marijuana”, which means one of Wayne’s crew or the airport/flight staff went babbling to police. Although you’d think it was pretty obvious there would be drugs and guns on Lil Wayne’s private plane.

If convicted, Wayne is looking at 10 years in prison. Not great! Unless….

Well now it all makes sense! What a genius move by Lil Wayne to not only endorse President Trump last month but also become buddies with him right before his court date this December. As Trump will still be President until January, there’s a decent chance Lil Wayne is getting pardoned. Then after January he can put out a little public service announcement for Joe Biden and become buddies with him too. Then he can start carrying guns and drugs on his private plane again. It’s brilliant!

I mean come on, is Lil Wayne really not going to take his golden gun on a private plane? He should use it to shoot whoever snitched on him in the first place. Let’s be honest – as ‘wrong’ as it is, Donald Trump pardoning Lil Wayne as one of his final acts as President would be a hilarious chapter in the history books. Stay tuned.

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