Lil Wayne Completely Embarrassed Himself When Asked About ‘Black Lives Matter’

How is it possible to be this ignorant?

Fresh off an interview where he argued that racism doesn’t exist because white people go to his concerts, Lil Wayne has put his foot in it again with his take on the Black Lives Matter movement.

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In fact, he’d never even heard of the term until this interviewer mentioned it to him, and his overall response is about as weird and ignorant as it gets:

Yet more proof that Lil Wayne lives on his own little planet. When you’re a super famous black person who’s never heard of Black Lives Matter and then respond to a question about it by saying “my life matters… especially to my bitches,” that is just a whole new level of not giving a fuck.

In fact he looked downright pissed that the idea of Black Lives Matter even exists. You’d think he was a racist white guy or something. Well I guess he does seem to spend all his time skateboarding, drinking codeine and pretending to play guitar these days.

Obviously, the rest of the rap community is pretty pissed at him –  T.I. publicly asked him to stop embarrassing himself:


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