Lil Wayne Says There’s No Such Thing As Racism Because White People Go To His Concerts (VIDEO)

Breaking news – racism is no more.

Having grown up in New Orleans and being a pretty stereotypical and troublesome rapper by all accounts, you’d imagine Lil Wayne has at least some experience of racism or at the very least recognises it exists.

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Erm… apparently not:

Now I can’t be sure but I reckon when it comes to analysing whether racism still exists, you’ve got to look just a little bit further than a Lil Wayne concert. Just a little bit. But that’s the thing with Lil Wayne – he lives in his own little universe. Oh white people and black people getting along at my concerts? Huh, I guess my music solved racism. Might also have something to do with the fact that he’s fucked up on cough syrup 24/7 and might legit be an alien too. I mean seriously WTF is up with his voice?

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