Lil Wayne Was Dumped By His Model Girlfriend Over His Allegiance To Donald Trump

The first casualty of the election.

The fallout from the American election continues to rumble on – and looks like it could continue for a really long time if Trump refuses to accept the result and attempts to sue all the states that didn’t vote for him – but the immediate consequences of the campaign have hit Lil Wayne more quickly than anyone else.

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Lil Wayne famously came out with his support for Donald Trump in the run up to election day, but it looks like this isn’t going to go too well for him – not only is Trump looking like he’s going to lose and then throw his toys out of the pram in the most embarrasing fashion imaginable, but it’s also meant that his girlfriend has broken up with him. Wayne has been in a relationship with model Denise Bidot fo the past few months, but she deleted her entire instagram account yesterday after one of her last posts said ‘Sometimes love just isn’t enough’ with a broken heart emoji.

An inside source said the following to Love B Scott:

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She broke up with Wayne. It wasn’t just his Trump support, but that was a big part.

Denise was shocked when she saw Wayne come out with Trump. She’s so disappointed in him.

You would think that you might mention to your girlfriend that you were going to publicly endorse one of the most polarising characters in history before you actually did it, but I guess Lil Wayne just does what he wants. Shame it hasn’t worked out for the guy.

Or has it? Wayne had the following cryptic reply when asked about the alleged break up:

Kinda sounds like he’s saying something along the lines of ‘if you can’t accept me at me worst then you don’t deserve me at my best’, but more 2020 and gangster, so I guess it isn’t actually looking too good for these two. However whenever celebrities break up on social media it always ends up going on for ages, so don’t be surprised if this isn’t the last we’ve heard from the ex-couple.

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