Lil Kim Shares Instagram Photo Looking Remarkably White

Has Lil Kim found her final form in 2016?

When Lil Kim first showed up on the scene alongside Biggie Smalls in the 90s, she was a badass hip hop slut who rapped about sucking dick, making money and killing people (what? It’s true).

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Then she transformed herself from black to Asian, and then more recently showed up looking like some kind of designer hip hop zombie.

She basically went from this:


To this:


To this:


To this:


And now, most recently, this:



Full-on Michael Jackson style transformation right there. This latest look caused a fair bit of concern among her fans on Twitter:

Very sad indeed. Only question that remains is whether this is Kim’s final form or if there are more transformations to come? Hopefully she’ll come to the realisation that it doesn’t matter how many times she changes up her physical appearance, she won’t be happy with any of it until she learns to love herself for who she is on the inside. Cringe but true.

For a more impressive transformation story, get a load of this hench former U.S. marine who now lives as a good-looking woman.


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