Liam Gallagher Is Trying To End His Feud With Noel And Reunite Oasis

Liam Noel

Dreams can come true.

The frosty relationship between the Gallagher brothers is one of the most talked about points in modern music and their inability to get past their feud and reunite so that the millions of people who want to see Oasis play again can do so is a major annoyance for most of the population of this country.

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It looks like hell might have frozen over though, as reports are coming in that Liam Gallagher is actively trying to end the beef with his brother Noel and get the band back together. He even chose to do so in a public forum via his Twitter account so that the whole world could see and only Noel could be hell accountable for this not happening:

Yeah, I mean that isn’t something I thought I would ever see, let alone on Twitter laid bear for anyone with an internet account to bear witness too. It seems unlikely that this is going to be enough to get the Big O back together – especially as it hasn’t even prompted a reaction from Noel – but hey it’s a start and you never know. Stranger things have happened.

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