Noel And Liam Gallagher Have Apparently Made Up Just In Time For Christmas

Liam And Noel

Surely not?

Everybody knows that the Gallagher brothers pretty much despise each other, as they’re always looking to snipe each other whenever they get interviewed by the press and it seemed like there wasn’t any chance of the much vaunted Oasis reunion happening any time soon.

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Until last night that was, when Liam Gallagher decided to post the following two very mysterious tweets:

I mean that would seem to imply that Liam was meeting up with Noel to bury the hatchet today after Noel had reached out to him, but obviously I’m slightly sceptical because this is the Gallagher brothers and Liam does love trolling people. I don’t think any of us would be surprised if he tweeted a picture of him later today of him and someone else famous with the initials NG (Nick Grimshaw? Really can’t think of anyone right now) today alongside a comment something like ‘did you really think I meant I had made up with that potato head? As you were LG x’

In fact I probably think that’s a more likely scenario to be honest. Stay tuned I guess as we’ll definitely be bringing you the news as and when it drops.

For more Liam Gallagher, click here. Guy has had an eventful year doing a whole lot of dumb stuff. Classic Liam really.


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