Liam Gallagher Begs Noel To Reform Oasis For Coronavirus Charity Gig

Finally something good is coming from Coronavirus.

When it comes to Coronavirus, it seems like it’s been all bad news – really bad news – so far, but thanks to Liam Gallagher it looks like the pandemic might trigger that Oasis reunion that we’ve all been desperately aching for the past decade or whatever.

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Liam took to Twitter to implore his brother Noel to stop being a dickhead and get the band back together once this has all blown over:

I mean that would be pretty awesome. And even if someone just announced it now for next summer in the biggest outdoor venue that the UK has to offer, it would at least give us something to look forward to and would probably help out people in the live music industry by bringing a shit load of money in for all the tickets sold. Come on Noel, be the bigger man.

Actually thinking about it, it would probably be impossible with literally everyone in the country logging on at the same time to get them. Might break the internet and we don’t want that happening. Maybe take a rain check on it.

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