Someone Filmed Leo DiCaprio Pranking Jonah Hill On The Streets Of New York

Leonardo DiCaprio

Pair of bros.

It’s great when you see a video of a celebrity where they’re not acting for once and just hanging out being normal. It makes them seem just like you and me, and it’s even better when it involves a megastar like Leonardo DiCaprio.

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Here he is playing a prank on his ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ co-star Jonah Hill. The pair are clearly scheduled to meet each other in New York somewhere, and noticing that Jonah was standing around on his smartphone, Leo quickly decided to get him by running up to him with his smartphone out, pretending to be a crazed fan. Jonah’s reaction is great, and make sure you watch to the end of the video because it gets even better:

What a pair of bros. I love the way they tell the guy to fuck off when he asks for a selfie, but Jonah is more than willing to give one with the girl though. I guess that’s the way it is when you’re a famous Hollywood actor though.

On a side note – how fucking annoying must it be having someone constantly following you around pap pap papping like the dudes who filmed this video. It was annoying just watching that and hearing it all the time, let alone actually having to live your life like that. Gotta feel for them.

Anyway, remember that rumour about Leo shagging six models a night at the Cannes film festival? Crushing life.


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