Leonardo DiCaprio Breaks His Silence On The Bear Rape Scene In The Revenant

Leonardo DiCaprio The Revenant

What would you say if people legitimately thought you had been raped by a bear?

The internet went mental a couple of weeks ago when a rumour went around that a scene in The Revenant would feature Leonardo DiCaprio being raped by a bear. The studio quickly dismissed this as hearsay, but that didn’t stop the people of the world having a chuckle at Leo’s expense and the idea of him being penetrated by a bear.

As you would probably expect, Leo stayed quiet on the subject because it would be kind of embarrassing for him to release a statement denying that he got raped by a bear. Also, nobody asked him about it directly because I guess everyone was chicken.

However, last night E! presenter Zuri Hall had the opportunity to interview Leo on the red carpet for the premiere of The Revenant and she actually had the balls to ask him straight up if he had been raped by a bear. Check it out below:

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Well yeah, sorry if you were expecting something profound but that’s pretty much the only thing you can really say in a situation like that, unless you actually were raped by a bear that is.

Bear rape or no bear rape The Revenant still looks like it’s going to be a completely sick movie – go check out the trailer if you don’t believe us.


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