VIDEO: Watch The Movie ‘Don’s Plum’ That Leonardo DiCaprio Had Banned In The United States

Leonardo DiCaprio Don's Plum

After Titanic was released, the director of one of Leo’s first movies tried to get it released on the back of its success. Leo hated it so much though he took the director to court to ensure it was never released.

Before Leonardo DiCaprio got famous with Titanic, he shot some low budget black and white movie with Tobey Maguire called Don’s Plum about some LA brats hanging around LA being brats and fucking each other and talking shit about each other, kind of like an updated version of Less Than Zero but not good.

In fact, so not good that after Leo got really famous with the success of Titanic, the director – some doofus called R.D. Robb – tried to get it finally released, only Leo and Tobey Maguire joined forces to bring a lawsuit against him to ensure that it would never, ever, under any circumstances be shown in the United States. That’s some serious shit.

There are a couple of conspiracy theories as to why this happened: one states that Leo was worried that his army of teenage girl fans at the time would react badly to seeing him portray such an asshole in the movie (his character is a real piece of work); one that states you can clearly see Leo’s testicles in the film and he didn’t want those being seen; and one that just states that the movie sucks so bad Tobey and Leo didn’t want anyone to see it.

Here’s Don’s Plum in it’s full format:

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