Leo DiCaprio Vapes And Wears Headphones When Having Sex With Models

We wouldn’t expect anything less.

A while back people were stunned/disappointed to see Leo DiCaprio vaping out in public, but then everyone reasoned that vaping must be really cool otherwise Leo DiCaprio wouldn’t be doing it.

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Well turns out Leo loves vaping even more than we thought – so much so that he vapes during sex and also rocks a pair of headphones whenever he’s doing the deed too.

That’s according to Star Magazine who ran a story on celebrities’ sex lives recently, quoting unnamed sources and random people on what various celebrities are like in bed:

Leonardo DiCaprio “is selfish, lazy and downright rude,” says a source whose BFF bedded the 41-year-old Oscar winner. “She told me that during the act, Leo put on headphones and even started vaping! Then he signalled her to keep going while he just laid back and zoned out.”

The woman was so confused by the situation that she just carried on, embarrassed and hoping for things to change. But Leo continued to lie there, listening to MGMT, while his “date” was left wondering what was in this for her.

“Leo knows women are mesmerised by his stardom, so he obviously doesn’t care at all whether they’re satisfied or not,” says another insider. “He can sleep with almost any woman he wants without even trying, so it’s no surprise he doesn’t try in bed either.”


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Just like every other story that makes Leo come off as the coolest dude on the planet, I’m choosing to believe this 100%. If you want to be a lame-arse and worry about the sources then that’s fine, but just know that you’re wasting your time because Leo absolutely vapes and listens to MGMT on his headphones while supermodels just go to town on him. That’s just what Leo does.

Meanwhile, phara CEO dickhead Martin Shkreli is offering his ex-girlfriend $10,000 to let him eat her out one last time.


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