Drug CEO Dickhead Martin Shkreli Once Offered To Pay His Ex-Girlfriend $10,000 To Let Him Eat Her Out

Shady stories from Martin Shkreli’s past are making it onto the web and this one is the creepiest yet.

According to a post titled “10K” that was published on a personal blog written by “Katie” earlier this week, the apparent ex-girlfriend of Turing Pharmaceutical CEO and new public enemy #1 (after he jacked up the price of a life-saving drug from $13.50 to $750 a pill) says Martin Shkreli once offered her $10,000 to let him eat her out after they’d broken up.

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You can read the exchange below, which Katie says she “copied and pasted from fb to gmail about a year ago, before this whole biotech big pharma price gouging scandal blew up.”



I guess that’s what happens when you suddenly become the most hated man on the planet – all your old friends and girlfriends come out of the woodwork to share stories about what an all-round terrible person you are. Although I suppose it’s not too surprising that the guy who made a life-saving drug practically unaffordable would pay someone $10k to let him eat them out.

All things considered though, what a total psycho move. Offering 10 grand to go down on your ex? Way more money than sense and absolutely off the charts on the creep scale.

You can get some more insight into Shkreli’s character by checking out his cringeworthy Twitter history.


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