Leo DiCaprio’s Been Caught Vaping; Internet Goes Into Meltdown

Everything you thought you ever believed in just got turned completely upside down, and it’s all thanks to Leo DiCaprio.

Leo DiCaprio picked up a Screen Actors Guild Award for The Revenant the other night, but following the ceremony all anyone wanted to talk about was the fact Leo was casually vaping throughout the night.

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Obviously this was a real shock to the system, especially if you’ve spent the last year or so looking at memes that tell you that vaping is for losers:


Really turns things upside down when the coolest dude on the planet is caught vaping without a care in the world, right before he hits the stage to pick up an award for best actor.

Here’s how people responded:

It actually turns out this wasn’t the first time Leo has been clocked vaping:



So I guess vaping is officially OK now? I mean if it’s good enough for Leo DiCaprio, then it’s good enough for anyone really. In fact, are you now not cool if you don’t vape? Way to mess with everyone’s world view, Leo.

Personally I’m still keeping clear of the stuff, following what these scientists found.


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