A Legend Of Zelda TV Crime Drama Launches Today

Hong Kong Legend Of Zelda

Wait what?

For some reason a bunch of people have designed to write and film a Hong Kong crime drama based upon The Legend Of Zelda and it’s going to premier today.

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I can’t really understand why this is happening or what’s going on with it, but I think it’s officially licensed by Nintendo and coming out on the DaysideTV YouTube channel, which has a long history of making live action shorts based on pop culture and video games. In the ‘crime drama’, it looks like Link is a cop looking into Ganon’s crime empire, who quits the force to go out on his own when bureaucracy gets in the way of him rescuing Zelda.

It looks even stupider than it sounds:

Yeah I mean that just makes it look terrible doesn’t it, and not in a so bad it’s good kind of way, just in a like ‘oh man that’s totally crap’ kind of way. I’m not even sure why other websites are posting about it saying it looks awesome, or why anyone involved with it thought it would be even slightly funny and worthy of spending their time on making. And if it’s actually endorsed by Nintendo themselves then that’s just bizarre.

I sound kind of harsh there I suppose and I’m all for a good video games parody, but only if it it’s actually good. This was a terrible idea and it looks likes it’s been even more terribly executed. If you want to see something that’s actually good, check out this live action version of Street Fighter.


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