This Live Action Version Of Street Fighter Is A Bonecrunching Bloody Violent Extravaganza

Real Life Street Fighter

With appearances from all your favourites and of course your favourite bonus level.

We’ve featured the videos of the RackaRacka crew before on Sick Chirpse and it’s undoubted that they know how to make an entertaining video and it’s normally packed full of gore and violence that’s surprisingly realistic considering how low budget the productions are.

This time they’re back at it again and they’ve chosen the Street Fighter franchise to bring to real life and it’s pretty much perfect, as you seem them all doing those classic ridiculous moves from back in the day on your SNES or whatever. Ken, Ryu, Vega, Balrog, Chun Li, M Bison and Dhalsim all make an appearance and it’s pretty special.

And yeah, don’t worry, they get to that scene you’ve all been waiting for at the end of the video and it’s just as dumb as you think it’s going to be:

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Oh man, it kinda makes me want to dust off the old SNES and see if it still works. Or at least maybe check out Street Fighter V.

For more of the same, check out the crew’s take on Mortal Kombat for some of the most disgusting violence and death scenes you will ever see.


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