Absolute Legend Got 10 Career-Ending Nutmegs On Girlfriend During Lockdown As She Tried To Go About Her Day (VIDEO)

Unreal skill.

YouTuber Chris Dixon made excellent use of his free time during lockdown by embarking on a quest to nutmeg his girlfriend in 10 different ways as she went about her day.

Well he absolutely nailed it and ended up with this impressive highlight reel:

Unreal tekkers. Yeah OK the cynic in me says he asked his girlfriend to walk by him a bunch of times until he nailed each nutmeg, but even if that was the case, it’s still quite impressive he pulled some of those off considering she takes fairly short strides when she walks. I like to think he does this to her all day every day and has just mastered the art of the nutmeg by now. Gonna be pretty devastating for the guy when she finally learns how to block one.

Full unedited video below if you’re interested:

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