Girlfriend Tries Naked Challenge On Boyfriend Playing COD, He Responds In Ruthless Fashion

Can you relate?

The ‘Naked Challenge’ going viral on TikTok right now involves girls walking into the room naked while their boyfriends are playing Call of Duty and filming their reactions for the lolz.

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This particular naked challenge kinda backfired on the girlfriend though after her boyfriend completely no-sold her nakedness, except to give her tits a slap and return straight to his game:

How did that not work? At least he gave the girl some attention though, unlike this joker:

“You had all day” is a great point actually. How many times have you spent a lovely day with your girlfriend and then just wanted to relax and play some COD with the boys for a couple hours, only for her to start demanding sex in the most intense moment of gameplay. It’s not even about the sex, she just wants to assert her dominance over your PS4/XBox for taking your attention away from her for even just a small portion of the day. Well it looks like more and more boyfriends are becoming wise to their girlfriends’ tricks and are standing up to the oppression at last.

There are some gamers still letting the side down though, as you’ll see in this compilation video rounding up the rest:

For the ‘Don’t Look At Boobs’ challenge which was lowkey the funniest viral video of last year, click HERE.


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