VIDEO: First Ever Legal 4/20 Smokeout In Denver

420 Smokeout Denver

Denver kicked off massively over the weekend as they could finally celebrate 4/20 without any crusty cops trying to spoil their fun.

If you visited the site on Sunday then you would have noticed that it was 4/20 and that we were all celebrating by smoking a fatty with our boys and gals and getting leaned up. However, our celebration wasn’t anything on the first legal 4/20 smokeout over in Denver.

As you probably know, Colorado legalised the sale of weed in January and as such the 4/20 celebrations were in overdrive in Denver, with over 40,000 people (over double any previous year) showing up to get baked in the Civic Centre Park. Snoop Doog was playing and the park was covered in a cloud of smoke all day as people got high and chilled out, without ever having to worry abut the cops. There were probably a bunch of crusty old people looking over and shaking their heads at everyone though.

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