LeBron James Sent The Most Heartwarming Letter You’ll Read This Year To A Dying Fan

LeBron James

A feel-good story after a depressing weekend.

No-one would blame you if; after an awful weekend full of torturous images, harrowing stories and downright heart-breaking events, you might be starting to feel like there’s no good left in this world. Maybe you’ve been feeling like it’s time to give up. Like there’s too much hate and not enough love left. Like we’re all helpless.

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I know that’s how I felt when I rolled out of bed this morning, I was sad and I was scared of what the future holds (and not just because it was Tuesday morning). That was how I felt – at least, until I heard about Emanuel Duncan.

Emanuel Duncan is a 19 year old student and a coach for the Lawrence Central football team. Like every other teenager he has big dreams and isn’t entirely sure how he’s going to fulfil them. The one thing he does know? That he won’t stop until he does. Also like a lot of other teenagers, he has idols. People he looks up to, people who inspire him and give him the energy to keep going when times get tough.

One of those idols is LeBron James, American Basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Emanuel Duncan

In spite of the similarities, Emanuel is far from your average teenager. In fact, there is one key difference which sets him apart from his peers – he’s dying. He’s got a disease, it’s terminal and he has no idea how long he has left. What’s more, he doesn’t care. Or at least outwardly he doesn’t. He doesn’t allow himself to get bogged down in negativity and self-pity, he’s busy making plans for his future. Not being around to see his plans through? That’s not an option for this guy.

Check out the letter LeBron send Emanuel on the following page.

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