Here’s Leaked Footage Of Mason Greenwood And Phil Foden Hanging Out With Girls On England Duty


Bit of a scandal today with the England football team – when is there not? – as youngsters Phil Foden and Mason Greenwood were sent home from international duty after it was revealed that they bought back some Icelandic girls to their hotel room after the match on Saturday.

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Obviously this wasn’t going to fly at the best of times, let alone during the time of Coronavirus and the pair were swiftly punished by manager Gareth Southgate. It was said that footage of the pair hanging out with the girls was published in Icelandic media, but the only thing I can find is the following clip… call it unbelievably lame would be an understatement:

Lol. I thought the guys might be partying or at least listening to music or having a good time, but it literally looks as though they’re all just playing with their phones and nothing remotely interesting is happening at all. I know it’s only a couple of seconds long but it almost looks like the two kids are scared and don’t know what to do with these girls that they’re bought back to the hotel.

Maybe there’s more footage out there that might make it seem like their actions were at least worth getting sent home from the England camp for, but for now it’s looking like a really embarrassing episode for them. Hopefully it doesn’t mean their England careers are over or anything because imagine how much you would regret it if you ruined your chance at the big time for this crappy party? You would never forgive yourself.

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