Leaked Emails Claim The Pope Knows Aliens Exist And A Space War Is Imminent


WikiLeaks strikes again.

According to a former NASA astronaut, the Pope is in the knowledge that aliens exist, and while they want to help humanity, a “war in space is heating up.” Well OK then.

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An email released by WikiLeaks from ex-astronaut Edgar Mitchell to politician John Podesta (what is it with this guy and aliens) shows Mitchell outlining how the Vatican is aware of extraterrestrial life forms that do exist and would like to share “zero point energy” with earth. This technology would allegedly open up the possibility of unearthing free energy from empty space.

Edgar Mitchell

Apparently the aliens would like to help us lead better lives but they are wary of our violent tendencies. Fair play – I would feel the same. Humans are a bunch of nut jobs.

Mitchell also said to Podesta that a space war is imminent:

Because the War in the Space race is heating up, I felt you should be aware of several factors as you and I schedule our Skype talk.

You can check out the full email (before he starts talking about the Pope) HERE.

In later emails, a meeting was discussed between a woman named Terri Mansfield, who is the director of peace force for extraterrestrial intelligence, and Podesta in order for them to:

John Podesta

Catch up on knowledge the Vatican has about extraterrestrial intelligence.

What the actual fuck? I mean, obviously alien life exists out there, and Area 51 is definitely hiding something, but why has this not come out before? Then again, if they let everyone know about it, we’d probably fuck it all up. We can barely even get along with each other, let alone another life form.

Something’s definitely going on though – fingers crossed a space war doesn’t actually happen any time soon and if it does, maybe Tom DeLonge will save us all.


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