We Should’ve Taken Tom DeLonge More Seriously When He Left Blink 182 To Focus On Aliens



It’s been well documented that former Blink 182 singer Tom DeLonge is completely obsessed with aliens – drummer Travis Barker even cited it as one of the reasons that they kicked him out of the band – but I don’t think anyone actually believed him when he claimed a couple of years ago that he had been in contact with a high ranking government official to discuss the issue.

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It turns out we should have though because in the latest WikiLeaks dump, emails from Tom DeLonge himself to a guy named John Podesta have been included. In case you haven’t heard of John Podesta – and why would you? – he’s currently Hillary Clinton’s campaign chief, but in the past he’s also been counsel to Barack Obama and chief of staff to Bill Clinton, so he’s a pretty big deal in the administration.

Crucially, he’s also been quoted as saying that his biggest regret during his time in the White House was that he couldn’t convince the government to declassify documents about extraterrestrial life, which is what prompted DeLonge to email him. Here are some pertinent quotes from said emails, first from one in 2015:

I wanted to introduce him to two very important people to discuss our shared interest.

I think you will find them very interesting, as they were principal leadership relating to our sensitive topic.

Both were in charge of most fragile divisions, as it relates to classified science and DOD [Department of Defence] topics. In other words, these are A-Level officials.

Worth our time, and as well the investment to bring all the way out to you.


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And secondly from one sent this year:

I’ve been in discussions with Maj Gen William McCasland, who had a long career in the US air force, specialising in matters pertaining to space.

He mentioned he’s a ‘skeptic’, he’s not … He just has to say that out loud, but he is very, very aware – as he was in charge of all of the stuff.

When Roswell crashed, they shipped it to the laboratory at Wright Patterson air force base.

Gen McCasland was in charge of that exact laboratory up to a couple years ago.

Wow. As of now, it’s not clear if Podesta replied to any of Tom DeLonge’s emails, but it sounds as though there’s some kind of relationship between the two if DeLonge is continually emailing him. There’s also an indication that Podesta accepted an invite to an event called ‘DeLonge/Podesta’ meeting on his Gmail, but again that doesn’t necessarily mean it actually happened.

All the evidence would suggest that there is a relationship between the two of them though, so maybe Tom DeLonge isn’t as batshit crazy as everyone out there thinks he is? Maybe he’ll actually be the man to reveal definitive proof of the existence of aliens to the world? We can but hope.

For more Tom DeLonge, check out when he played the worst headline set in the history of Reading Festival a few years ago. That’s probably why Blink kicked you out mate.



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