Quick-Thinking Prosecutor Realises Woman Is In The Same Room As ‘Abuser’ During Zoom Court

This lawyer is an absolute legend.

A Zoom court hearing was halted when a prosecutor realised that her client (the victim) was in the same room as her alleged abuser, who was also on the call.

Mary Lindsey was asked to describe what had happened to her, but appeared reluctant and downplayed the contents of a 911 call she had made to police regarding boyfriend Coby James Harris assaulting her.

Prosecutor Deborah Davis’s intuition was spot on from there:

Oh man, the scumbag lying about where he is and then panicking when the judge asks him to show the front of the house. Just beautiful. How is he going to act like he didn’t charge his phone past 2% for a court hearing? I think that was my favourite part besides the prosecutor literally facepalming when he comes back on and confesses to lying to them while smoking a cigarette. And then tells the judge “both him and the defendant” want to drop the charges, while in handcuffs! Just too funny.

Except it’s not that funny because obviously this is a serious situation where thankfully the prosecutor had her eye on the ball and realised what was going on. Big up the cop on cam as well who started working on it immediately. Let’s hope the defendant realises what an abusive, manipulative asshole of a boyfriend she has and can move on from it by the time he’s out of prison.

To watch a doctor show up to his Zoom court hearing while operating on a patient, click HERE. Next level multi-tasking.


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