Laurence Fox Says His Son Told Him He ‘Needed His Consent’ To Kiss Him Goodnight


There’s no one more anti-woke than Laurence Fox, so just imagine how devastated he was when he went to kiss his son goodnight and was told that he needed to ask his son’s consent.

Not to worry though – he set his son straight on the matter and then went and had a go at his son’s teachers too, as he explained on the TRIGGERnometry podcast:

In fairness, saying “give me a kiss or a hug goodnight” to your kid is effectively the same as asking for consent in the basic rhythm of conversation, so I’m not sure why Laurence Fox is so wound up about it. I guess it’s probably just the idea that his school is putting what he considers “woke” buzzwords and ideas into his children’s heads, which is of course something to be wary of but not when it comes to requiring consent to touch someone, which is something all children should learn about.

Not to mention, child abuse is overwhelmingly committed by a ‘trusted’ adult, so there’s nothing wrong with children in general learning how to politely articulate boundaries, even with their own parents. Yeah OK you’d probably feel a bit sad if your kids turn down a hug or kiss goodnight, but don’t worry about it. All you have to do is remind them that they need your consent to get their pocket money. Boom – power balance restored.

For the news channel that apologised for airing a ‘non-consensual’ kiss even though the lady enjoyed it, click HERE.


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