News Channel Apologises For Airing ‘Non-Consensual’ Kiss Even Though The Lady Enjoyed It

Is this “sexual assault”?

Canadian news channel CTV has apologised for airing a clip that featured a non-consensual kiss, even though no one involved was offended or complained.

Here’s the clip where a woman being interviewed is abruptly interrupted by a stranger who kisses her without asking for permission:

Obviously that could have gone horribly wrong and ended very badly for this guy if the lady was not receptive to the kiss. But the way it turned out… I’m not even sure you can call that non-consensual? Just look at her face after the kiss. The picture of happiness:

Even still, look at the sort of backlash this has attracted online:

Don’t get me wrong, I think this guy was crazy to even attempt this, but at the end of the day it worked out beautifully. Both parties involved are glad it happened and appear to want more where that came from. In fact I’d be amazed if they haven’t hooked up already and shagged each other’s brains out. Either way, CTV felt the need to put out this very serious apology about it:

Again, it’s generally not a good idea to go around sticking your tongue down the throat of a woman you just met in the park a few minutes ago but the way it turned out in this case was an absolute success. He walked away with her number and she was left begging for more. A bunch of people online were offended though by what was essentially a consensual kiss and so the news station offered an apology which wasn’t really needed. That’s the power of the online outrage crew I guess.

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