Laughing Couple Run Away From Restaurant After Running Up £100 Bill


A couple who were cracking up laughing as they legged it from a restaurant without paying had racked up an £100 bill and left fake test and trace details.

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The young man and woman were caught on CCTV as they did a runner from My Big Fat Greek Taverna, in Clacton-on-Sea in Essex, without paying. According to Vicki Hart, general manager of the Royal Hotel where the restaurant is located in the Essex town, the couple ordered two T-bone steaks and a large number of cocktails before legging it:

The manager told Metro:

They had eight cocktails between them and two T-bone steaks, totalling £100, but then they ran off straight after eating.

It is so frustrating given the circumstances because we and so many other restaurants have worked so hard to get the business back up and running since coronavirus.

o to then have people go against all our hard work is sad. But we now have new business measures in place to ensure this does not happen again.

Despite a short chase by staff, the couple were able to get away, still cackling with joy as they disappeared into the distance. CCTV images of the pair have now been released in hopes of tracking them down:

The lad had a ‘northern accent’ and the girl ‘sounded like she was from London’. Apparently they had also tried to rip off nearby a Wetherspoons, the Moon and Starfish, with a similar scam.

With those images doing the rounds, I’d be surprised if these two haven’t been identified by the time this is published. As heartwarming as it is to see a petty crime version of Bonnie & Clyde dining and dashing and having the time of their lives doing it, it’s theft at the end of the day and especially uncool in times like these where restaurants are struggling as it is.

Makes you wonder – how common are dine and dashers anyway? Would a good solution be for restaurants to take payment up front as you order so that you can then leave whenever you like? If there’s a problem with the food, they could always refund you. Wouldn’t be such a bad idea IMO but then again, another ‘nail in the coffin’ for normal human behaviour of having trust and respect for your fellow people.

Personally, I couldn’t imagine doing it because the last thing I want to do after eating a meal is sprint down the street, but maybe 10 years ago I’d have been able to pull it off.

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