Last Night’s Graham Norton Show Deeply Offended A Lot Of Viewers

PC culture runs wild.

So last week on the Graham Norton show, Adam Sandler came under fire for placing his hand on fellow guest Claire Foy’s knee as he was telling a story. It was a totally innocent, friendly gesture that no one really noticed, except for the usual clowns begging to be offended and looking for things to virtue signal over.

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Here are some examples:

That got shut down pretty quickly after Claire Foy came out and basically told everyone to chill out, and that she had not been offended by the gesture whatsoever.

This week, people were unhappy with the choice of guests – well, just one really; Johnny Depp.

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What with all the stories of celebrity perverts and abusers coming out into the open, many viewers thought it wasn’t right that Depp, accused of assaulting ex-wife Amber Heard, was invited onto the sofa.

Here’s the sort of stuff they were Tweeting:

They also accused Depp of being drunk (which he probably was) and sitting ‘far away’ from Michelle Pfeiffer (not sure what the suggestion is there):

I mean you’d think people have better things to get wound up over on a Friday night. By freaking out over an Adam Sandler knee squeeze or Johnny Depp being invited for an interview, you sort of dilute the case against the actual, proven sexual predators. Don’t be so quick to lump everything in with the Harvey Weinstein backlash and get offended by everything.

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