Take A Look Inside LA’s Most Notorious Juvenile Offender’s Home (VIDEO)


Stay in school kids.

Whilst growing up in general and being an adult kind of sucks, at least you can be thankful that there’s absolutely no way that you’re ever going to end up in a young offender’s home, because that looks like it would be one of the worst experiences ever.

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The trailer to this new documentary called ‘They Call Us Monsters’ absolutely nails this point home. It examines the compound where Los Angeles houses its most violent juvenile offenders and follows the specific stories of three of them: Jarad, Juan, and Antonio.

Each of the teenagers is between the ages of 14 and 16, yet they all face adult sentences for their crimes and possibly decades in prison for them, which gives you some idea of how serious their charges are. The film seeks to paint a sympathetic picture of them though as children who are repentant for their crimes and really did know no better at the time that they were committed:

Man, that’s only a couple of minutes long but it really does look like it’s going to be completely emo. It seems as though the movie is going to be defending these kids who didn’t really know what they were doing at the time of their crimes and face years in prison even though they’re fully repentant – like the trailer says, it’ll almost certainly be “quietly heartbreaking.” Going to be an intense and harrowing watch.

For more kids going to prison, check out this video of an inmate scaring the absolute shit out of a kid who’s heading to jail. Another reason to never screw up so bad that you might end up in the slammer.


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