Lady Gaga Throws A Bunch Of Flowers On The Ground And Watches Italian Fans Scramble For Them Like Peasants (VIDEO)


I never understood how people could camp outside a celebrity’s hotel and wait for hours on end just to catch a glimpse of them as they walk from the front entrance to their car and then disappear. I mean imagine how utterly obsessed with someone you’d have to be to be capable of that?

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Having wrapped up filming for the House of Gucci movie over in Italy this week, Gaga left her hotel and had a load of hysterical Italians fans waiting for her. Was it worth the wait for them? Oh you bet…

Amazing. Not only did Lady Gaga acknowledge their existence, she also lobbed a bunch of flowers on the ground so they could scurry around and pick them up like a bunch of pigeons. Not even joking when I say that for those people, that moment made life worth living.

My only question is why doesn’t Lady Gaga put her arms through her jacket sleeves like a normal person? Is that meant to be in fashion or something? Well I guess she’s the one starring in House of Gucci, not me, so that answers that.

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